Stand a chance to win a trip to Hong Kong, Bangkok or Bali.

How to win

  • With every purchase of 1 pint of beer 1 tokens will be given to the customers.

  • For every bulk purchase in an order of 3 – full pints of beer will be given an opportunity to spin the Mighty Monster wheel of fortune.

  • Every customer will be provided a Mighty Monster Passport to collect their tokens.

  • For every 50 tokens collected, customers will be entitled for 1 opportunity to stand a chance to win the prizes stated below.

  • Rewards will be given when a milestone is achieved, 15 tokens – RM 30 cash voucher for food items only and 35 tokens – RM 50 cash voucher for food items only.

  • At the end of the campaign, the winners will be selected at random in a lucky draw manner.


Grand prize, 4 days 3 nights to Hong Kong.

2nd prize, 4 days 3 nights to Bangkok.

3rd prize, 3 days 2 nights to Bali.

7 consolation prizes of RM 300 cash and RM 200 cash voucher to dine and wine at Mighty Monster.

10 bonus prizes of RM 200 cash voucher to dine and wine at Mighty Monster.

Terms and Condition

  1. The campaign is only valid from the 16th of February 2018 till the 20th May 2018

  2. All winners will be announced on a live draw at Mighty Monster Mytown within a month after the campaign has ended.

  3. The date and time of the live draw will be announced by the management within a month after the campaign ended.

  4. This campaign is only applicable for Pints of Heineken and Guinness Draught beer only.

  5. A token / Sticker will be given for every pint of Heineken or Guinness purchased. No quantity limitation per receipt or per participant.

  6. Participant will be given a chance to spin the Monster Wheel with every purchase of 3 pints Heineken / Guinness Draught beer package only. Every spin will be considered 1 spin and re-spin is not recognized.

  7. Bulk purchase of beer will be allowed to redeem within 3 months from the date of purchase. Campaign’s terms and conditions apply.

  8. Combining of two or more passbook is not allowed.

  9. Sticker will be given to customer on the same day of purchase, no redemption after the date of purchase is allowed.

  10. Original sticker / passbook is required. No photocopy, scanned copy or pictures is accepted for qualifying the promotion mechanics.

  11. No replacement of sticker / passbook will be given. The management does not hold any responsibility on any lost of sticker or passbook.

  12. The sticker / passbook does not hold any cash value and is non redeemable for cash or any other item unless it is within the campaign’s promotion mechanics.

  13. Prize winner will be notified through the written contacts in the passbook, the management is not responsible if the winner is non-contactable or the prize is not redeemed within the stated period.

  14. Participants who have drawn to win more than one prize, the participant shall have the choice to pick only one prize. The unselected prize will be open up for draw to pick a new winner.

  15. All prizes have to be redeemed / response within 1 month of the live draw. Failure to do so will open up the prize for draw to pick the next winner.

  16. Announced winner to redeem the prize personally with prove of identification. Letter of authorization from the announced winner is required if a representative will be present to redeem on behalf.

  17. Winner of the overseas trip will be notified the date of traveling by the management. The travelling person shall pay for the cost difference if there is any other request such as to change the date of traveling, or upgrades and etc.

  18. Any changes to the travelling person of overseas trip winner upon confirmation shall be the travelling person’s own responsibility to arrange for the changes.

  19. The management is not responsible for the well being of the travelling person nor is responsible for any mishaps that occur before, during or after the trip.

  20. Oversea trip winner is entitled for a round trip departure from Kuala Lumpur and accommodation at the destination only. All other expenses shall be at the travelling person’s own cost.

  21. The travelling person to ensure their own Visa requirements before the date of travelling.

  22. The management reserves the rights to change the prizes of the campaign or extend the campaign period if the number of participants for the lucky draw campaign does not achieve a minimum of 50 participants. 

  23. The management reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions within the campaign period without prior notification.

  24. The participant is deem to agree to the above terms and condition to participate in this promotional campaign.

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